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A Tiger-on-Tiger (OSX/Java) poem...

Just in case there's any remaining doubt about what an awful writer I am, this should nail it. My first geek poem. In the "Night Before Christmas" beat...

Twas the night after Christmas and inside my house,
I stayed up configuring my new Bluetooth mouse.

The Setup Assistant that I had dismissed
refused to stay closed, it was making me PISSED.

"Searching for keyboard..." it kept on repeating
Then "Zero were found" it wouldn't stop pleading.

Updated the firmware, installed a new driver
But nothing that led to a cheerful high-fiver.

But then I remembered my OS is beta
I had to get Tiger; I just couldn't wait-a.

So here I sit looking at Mac 10-dot-four
and things just don't work quite like they did before.

But to run Java five on my brand new iMac
I can't use 10-three (without a bad hack).

Oh why won't McNealy acknowledge the Mac?
He hates the PC, but Sun's java we lack.

They write it for Windows, Solaris, and Linux
But won't do the Mac, sniff, got a Kleenix?

And because I'm a gambler, I did not dual-boot
Just installed OS Tiger--lock, stock, as root.

But oh how I love all of Tiger's new stuff
Even in beta, I can't get enough.

With 64 bits, just where I need it.
And I think a new screen font, the better to read it.

There's Dashboard, and XCode, now IChat AV,
the RSS feeds do look cool to me.

XCode two-dot-oh will help with my Java
for those late night sessions, fueled on Kava.

I do think I might be missing some data,
but that's what I get for trusting a beta.

But even in beta 10-four is WAY stronger
than Windows XP or a beta of Longhorn.

It works with my iPod, my Wacom, and reader.
The new improved kernel--a real Unix leader.

Now if only my wireless mouse would "pair up"
I'd go back to surfing, see what I scare up.

Oh look there's my problem! Can it really be?
"Switch the back of your keyboard toward the LED"

It turns out my mouse was OK all along,
And it wasn't my OS that had gone wrong.

My wireless *keyboard* just wasn't quite right,
but now that I've fixed it, I can stay up all night...

coding with enums, generics, and varargs,
lots of cool new features for programming die-hards.

I love the new Java, and the new 10-dot-four
but what did they give them the same code name for?

Tiger on Tiger is kind of confusing,
Still I am thrilled that it's what I'm using.

So thank-you to Apple, and thank-you to Sun.
Now if I could just get the Wireless Toolkit to run...

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Really, you are awesome..

Not only a great author (I've just passed the SCJP with 98% using your book), but also a great poet as well :)

I really like you, as a teacher and more as a person.

As my American friends say: YOU ROCK !!

Posted by: Ramy | Dec 27, 2004 8:51:02 AM

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