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A Mac-to-PC switcher movie

Just what the world needed--another switcher video... but my teenage daughter made this one, so of course I felt obligated to post it. SkylerscreenDespite the fact that it's about switching the wrong way.

Here, she explains her fateful decision to leave the Mac world behind and join the PC crowd. (1.5 MB Quicktime)

It's so... sad.

Posted by Kathy on January 6, 2005 | Permalink


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Brilliant. That's why I want a Mac. I do wonder though, why wasn't this created with Windows Movie Maker?

Posted by: Mark Wubben | Jan 7, 2005 7:45:00 AM

Superb ;o)

Posted by: Ben Poole | Jan 7, 2005 8:56:38 AM

Excellent! One of the best parodies I've seen in a while.

Posted by: Craig Patchett | Jan 7, 2005 11:13:58 AM

It's pretty great but why not use the switch music which is available almost everywhere online?

Posted by: Casey | Jan 7, 2005 3:52:10 PM

I know, I'm not a real geek and don't remember the "I switched to the Mac" commercials. But this was hysterical, and so true. Using Windows does prepare you for the cold harsh world, where things go terribly wrong, where they break down after one day...yes, using a Mac spoils you, and only prepares you to live in a fantasy world where things actually work!

Posted by: Roxanne | Jan 7, 2005 11:48:05 PM

I love it. A little humor makes it better than anything Apple could buy for a million bucks! Too bad they like to sue their biggest supporters (Think Secret).

Posted by: Karsten Schneider | Jan 8, 2005 1:21:11 AM

The Mac
good machine
pretty fast
doesn't crash
I couldn't get these lines out of
my head today, they are melodic :))

Posted by: Gian Franco Casula | Jan 8, 2005 8:43:29 AM


Posted by: ALAN LIVSEY | Jan 8, 2005 1:31:43 PM

Skyler has a good point - there's something in the metaphor: Windows PC's as an opening to the challenges of life with unexpected events and consequences that strengthen a person willing to face them.

And, Kathy, there's nothing "wrong" about going either way for a switch if it serves the passionate user best. A Mac has it's own sense of metaphor: Elegance, stability and grace. What we seek as passionate users of either platform is a good challenge to apply ourselves and to master the complexities with elegance, stability and grace - an integration of those metaphors.

I'm a Windows PC builder/user who owned and used various Macs before OS-X, and while my PC doesn't function as elegantly as a Mac, I don't have reboots every day and I have few crashes. Those crashes only happen sometimes with a new install (but not always) and they are handled with one reboot in 99.9% of the cases. Otherwise, it's a driver version issue - which is not that hard to solve.

Someone who doesn't secure their system in common sense ways against hacks/viruses/spyware isn't a passionate user. Most news reports featuring people who got hit reveal that they didn't cover themselves well. They assume that because their bank's site is secure that their PIN number or password is 100% secure and they don't learn about keylogging software that hackers can leave on an under-defended system. They then find out that their money was transferred to a former Soviet republic account and their bank isn't liable.

Here's to passionate users. :)

Posted by: Steve Carroll | Jan 9, 2005 7:59:23 AM

Well done, Skyler, a well-made spoof ad.

But I've got cognitive dissonance here. A year after I myself switched, to an iBook (G4, Panther) I'm still no happier with Mac, and am now counting down the days to switching back to PC, and particularly XP. Buying a mac is the worst computer purchase I ever made.

My Mac does crash frequently (especially with Firefox, which I have to use because Safari isn't compatible with sites key to me, such as Typepad). And I've taken it back and had it tested by the dealer and they said it's working to spec and there's nothing faulty with it. It's also harder to use and less intuitive for me.

Your mileage may indeed vary. But Apple are very clever in showing only their own converts, and Microsoft don't trundle out theirs, of which I'm one. Until I got a Mac I saw the Mac grass on the other side of the fence and believed that it was greener.

It's not. The difference is that PC users don't go on balls-achingly about how much they prefer their PCs. No computers are perfect, but PCs work far better for me. I won't be going back to Mac, and bitterly regret being suckered by those misleading 'switcher' ads.


Posted by: Andrew Denny | Jan 9, 2005 11:46:11 AM

Don't confuse "what you're not used to" with "not being intuitive". *shaking head* Oh, you PC fanboys...

Posted by: Aurora | Jan 13, 2005 11:18:42 AM

Did Anyone else Notice that the music in the background was a garageBand Loop?
Clearly A mac user. Made the video on a Mac, At least.

Posted by: Matthew Phillips | Jan 15, 2005 11:46:14 PM


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Posted by: 난나야 | Jan 28, 2005 7:43:39 PM

Your daughter is very smart! Have her drop me a line if she is available =)

Posted by: Josh | Jan 28, 2005 11:42:08 PM

Yeah, I definitely don't miss my PC days. What can I say? They were cheap. This ad definitely doesn't make me want to revert.

Posted by: Matt | Feb 26, 2005 7:51:05 PM

But... I need to install quicktime to view the video....

... so she didn't _really_ switch.


-An Avid PC Fan Boy

Posted by: shaded | Mar 15, 2005 10:59:56 AM

That made my day. Thanks for sharing. lol. I shared it with the other mac lovers. :)

Posted by: kjoker | Apr 27, 2005 4:16:07 AM

Simply brilliant.

Posted by: livatlantis | Apr 27, 2005 6:47:50 AM

Brilliant! I'm showing this to all my PC-using friends.

Posted by: antm | Apr 28, 2005 7:55:43 AM

Are you kidding me....yea well if it floats your boat. But I still don't understand why on earth you would switch to a PC. Since now a Mac can hook up ta a PC network if you needed it to you can even use a Mac in a completially PC environment. So as i have said before, if you want a challenge go climb a mountain. You shouldn't have to make things harder on yourself then you have to. And if you want to prepare yourself for life in the real world, get a job. That is the real world, using a PC won't prepare you for the real world. The only things that can do that would be experience. So buy a Mac and make life easier on your self, don't make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Posted by: Samantha | Apr 29, 2005 11:36:40 AM

VERY cute. hah.

Posted by: Caitlin | Oct 2, 2005 5:13:17 PM

okay...Macs are good for the general public...they're stable and nice and everything. Why do people use Mac? Other than looking nice, the general public uses it because they don't give a damn about how their computer relly works. But I, along with many computer enthusiasts around the world do want to know; we can control and manipulate all aspects of our computers from hardware to software. Many Mac users don't even have a clue on what their computer has inside and how programs 'really' run? A big + with a PC is flexibility and CHOICE for god's sake. I can build my own machine, I can install a million programs mac users can only dream of. I've been using PCs all my life and had never come across a problem I could not solve on my own. Use your brain and learn something in the meanwhile!!! Running a PC does take a bit more effort, but I definately think it is worthwhile. Mac users, I know your reasons to stick with what you're using now and I respect that (beleive me, I know, I sell computers everyday); PC users - hey, freedom is good!

Posted by: Ken | Jan 6, 2006 7:37:02 AM

hell ya...pc is allot better to use than a fucking mac!!!

Posted by: puppy | Mar 1, 2006 8:55:21 PM

Ha! This is like listening to people from China and Northern Korea arguing about which of their dictatorships is the better one.
Greetings from the free world (Linux)

Posted by: hans d | Dec 13, 2006 4:43:08 AM

I have been using the PC mainly and never had issues and always felt the Windows OS was very transparent and whenever I had questions on usage I could always find answers on line: probably it's because 97% of PC users own a Wintel so everything is posted and also Microsoft has always been top notch in making Q&A easily available. Apple PC I always found hanging or crashing, expensive to buy and surely expensive to repair, the software never abundant and with very little choice on available peripherals seemingly obliged to purchase only what is offered by the manufacturer. Wintel PCs are easy and relaxed, and even the ones that one make himself never seem to break. Wintel PCs are utterly better. Switch to a Wintel

Posted by: TheMatrixExpert | Jan 24, 2007 4:56:30 PM

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