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Jolt finalist list posted

Software Development magazine just posted the finalists for the 15th Jolt awards Eric blogged about. Yesterday we learned we were finalists in the two book categories, but we didn't know who else was in the running. Turns out, some pretty wonderful books including one of Eric's favorites, Better, Faster, Lighter Java by someone we like a whole lot, Bruce Tate.

Other cool things I noticed on the full list are the Wireless Toolkit for J2ME (rumoured to FINALLY be coming to a Mac near you) and Flash Lite in the Mobile Tools category, Java 5.0 in the Libraries, Frameworks and Components category, and Tomcat 5.0 in the Web Development Tools category. (And I'm happy to see java.net and the O'Reilly network in the web site category, but sad that javaranch wasn't in the finals this year. But given that javaranch won an award in that category for the last two years, I'm sure they just figured it was time to give some of the newbies a chance : )

I can't imagine that we'll win, but again--this means we get an invitation to the awards party and THE FREE FOOD. See you there...

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