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Lots of Interest in Head First Design Meditations

We've gotten a lot of interest in the Head First Design Meditations and we're not suprised (given the creative bunch software people are).

If you missed the last round of posts the idea is simple: create an artifact in the form of a deck of cards that contains bits of software design insight, widoms, or perhaps even "patterns" in the most general use of the word. This of course isn't a new idea, there are quite a few "creative decks" for general brainstorming and inspiration, however we were particularly inspired by musician Brian Eno's card deck called Oblique Strategies, which he used to drive his compositions process and we wanted to create something similar for software.

We're now in the process of collecting submissions for the deck and we've set up a page just for this here. Come join us, and remember, we are interested in submissions for all forms of software design, including interface and web development! On this page you'll see many of the submissions so far (we're still catching up on updating this page, so there are more to come).

By the way, many thanks to the JavaRanch team for running an announcement of the project.

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