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The cult of Mac

Well, I'm looking forward to a first hand account of Kathy and Bert's Macworld trip. Just to hold us over there is an interview with Andy Hetzfeld on CNET and I thought this question/answer was particularly apropos to Creating Passionate Users:

Mac fans are often described as fanatic. What is the "cult of Mac"?

The cult of Mac, I think what it is...is essentially passion. It starts with the designers and the people in the company being passionate about what they're doing. It starts with the designers making something that they want for themselves more than anything else in the world, that's the single secret. As soon as you're making something you want more than anything else, you don't have to do research about the customers. You just look inside yourself. You run the risk of being wrong about it, but at least you make something that has integrity.

Maybe even a better word is love. You fill the product with love and then people will love it.

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