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What Users Really Want


The quote in the picture is slightly paraphrased from a brilliant rant by jwz (owner of DNA Lounge). The original (but you have to read the whole thing for context ; ):

"So I said, narrow the focus. Your "use case" should be, there's a 22 year old college student living in the dorms. How will this software get him laid?"

The piece centers on designing (and spinning) products for what the user wants, rather than... oh, never mind. I'll just put in another quote because I can't say it as well:

"If you want to do something that's going to change the world, build software that people want to use instead of software that managers want to buy."

(Thanks to Jed Cousin and Nathan Torkington for the link!)

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just wanted to hip you all to the first exam in the software architecture class I am teaching. Inspired by HF Design Pattern methodologies! :)

CST 407 Exam One Winter 2005

Asimov Guitars is building a new plant to construct their guitars.
It will be 100% robotic.

You have been hired to build the software for the robots.
In the plant, there are 3 robots that can be used to assemble guitars.
Each robot can build a guitar from start to finish

Asimov makes all sorts of electric guitars.
The guitars come in all sorts of colors and body styles.
The guitars have various parts that can be used
tuning pegs, bridges, different woods, pickups, whammy bars, electronics, finishes, paint etc
Each part has several brands or types that can be used.

Your task is:
1. Research guitar manufacturing to discover a parts list. You need at least two of each part.
(http://www.carvin.com/products/guitars.php is a good starting point)
(You should spend no more than 15-20 minutes on this.)

Then using only the software patterns we have learned thus far and at least one instance of each pattern:

2. Design a software system to control the robots manufacturing of electric guitars.
a) Write an overall description of your thought process and architectural logic in designing this system
b) Use Rational Rose to illustrate your system using a UML class diagram

To complete the test:
Print out your write up and class diagram.
You have the whole class.

Posted by: jeff | Feb 16, 2005 7:37:11 PM

Jeff, I thought you were supposed to use Victoria's Secret as an example...
Or at least turntables, not guitars ;)

Posted by: Rimantas | Feb 17, 2005 6:49:49 AM

Several authors I know of have been busy creating a proposal for a new patterns book. One author used your approach as a reference and got it handed to him. Some communities believe that authors should speak and present at patterns conferences. Curious if you have gotten any resistance in this form?

James McGovern

Posted by: James | Feb 28, 2005 5:11:42 AM

Why no to build the software that people want to use and the that managers want to buy? Remember, that in most cases you need to buy some software to write the software itself, you need computers, you need developers, you need budget for marketing etc.

You will SPEND a lot of money before you will earn your first $$$... But the idea is nice :)

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Posted by: Software Submit.NET | Mar 9, 2005 1:04:34 AM

One more thing. Managers are also users.

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Posted by: Software Submit.NET | Mar 9, 2005 1:06:28 AM

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