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Flying to Tokyo now...


I'm leaving for the airport in a couple hours, and I'm going without a laptop. I'm conducting a little experiment to see how much I can actually do without one, and to help with my "research", I was forced to buy a Zodiac and a PalmOne full-size keyboard. Both things fit into my pocket (the keyboard folds up into it's own case quite cleverly).

Yeah yeah yeah I could have got an old beater laptop for that amount of money but a laptop would be:
A) heavier
B) use up its battery power after the first 7.2% of the flight over (I'm flying United cattle car, and the lack of power on that plane has been confirmed)
C) not as much fun

This Zodiac is awesome--you get the lastest Palm OS PDA, but with a gorgeous (and large) screen, extra gaming controls, and it even vibrates when you, say, run into a wall doing 140 in the driving game. What a great time to be a geek! I now have a new PDA, the tiniest but totally capable typing machine, and a cool little game device all for under $300 (that includes the extra wireless keyboard). It's not as sexy as the new Playstation portable, but I can actually do real work on this thing (or so I'm telling myself... a half-hour after I brought it home I "accidentally" went to the Tapwave site where I "accidentally" bought the Tony Hawk skateboard game and "accidentally" loaded it into my Zodiac...)

Anyway, I'm supposed to have a new chapter done when I return, so we'll see how much actual typing I can do on this thing. I did some experiments using the WordSmith word processor on the thing, and it works surprisingly well. Then you can just sync it right back into Word or (in my case) a TextEdit RTF file (which I'll later drop into Adobe InDesign, which is what we use to make our books).

I won't be checking email or blogging on it, although I could pick up a wireless card for it and I'd be able to blog, browse, and email. But there will be enough computers at Sun's Tokyo office, where I'll be working, so I should be able to have at least some contact with the rest of the world.

I don't expect to make more than two or three blogs, though, because the project I'm on is extremely intense and the hours will be looooooong. And at night when we're done working, well, there's that karaoke bar...

Eric and Beth will be here and they'll make some posts. Maybe if I ask nicely, they'll even tell us about that Joseph Campbell retreat they just returned from ; )

Be adventurous while I'm gone!
(I'll be back April 28)

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Eric and Beth,

Please do tell us about the Campbell retreat!


Posted by: Dave Rogers | Apr 14, 2005 7:06:07 PM

Hi there :-)

is the meditations project still going on.



Posted by: Gian Franco Casula | Apr 16, 2005 4:22:18 AM

Kathy, great to hear that you're part of the Zodiac fold. I'm interested to hear how it works out for you. Be sure and join us in the forums at Tapland.com if you haven't already. :)

Posted by: Scott R | Apr 18, 2005 5:34:17 PM

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