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Low-order bits

Here are a few things I wanted to point to (more on these topics later)...


Wow. This video is inspiring. And if you liked that (or even if you didn't), you'd probably love my all-time favorite conference (even non-techies love it), SIGGRAPH. Best of all, that's a conference where just the "expo" pass gets you into the most amazing things I've ever experienced. Remind me to tell you about the VR dolphins sometime...

[Thanks Dave Wood (author of the next Head First book) for the video link]

Two interesting brain things:

Brains run in reverse

The first step is acknowledging that the brain and the mind don't always agree... : )

[Thanks Dan Steinberg for the link]

Also, there's a rather detailed online report about How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School, geared more toward school-age children, but still very relevant. I haven't been through the whole thing yet, so I don't have much to say, but it's got some great info.
[Thanks Greg Doench (Prentice-Hall editor) for the link, and isn't it time you started your own blog?]

And just in case there's anyone who out there who somehow missed it, Guy Kawasaki has a blog, and it's wonderful. It definitely falls in the "helps you kick ass" category.

Someone asked in the comments about the upcoming "passionate users" talks, so here's the upcoming schedule:

Emerging Technology (ETech) March 6-9, San Diego, CA (half-day tutorial)

SXSW Interactive March 10-19, Austin TX (short panel)

Webstock May 23-26, New Zealand (big tutorial, plus a keynote session)

Training Director's Forum, June 11-14, Palm Springs, CA (keynote)

GUADEC (Gnome User and Developer European Conference), June 24-30, Spain (keynote)

Cheers and I hope to see more of your book recommendations, or photos of your coffee table on your own blog.

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I've found that touchscreen video a few days ago and was blown away by it. I suppose that I have a bigger interest in computers and user interface than most people, but still, it could really be what pushes things to the next level (finally -- we've been doing things the same way for a while now).

Posted by: Michael G. R. | Feb 13, 2006 7:40:06 PM

The "Mind Rewind" article reminded me of a trick I learned when teaching people new foreign language phrases. If you need them to repeat a long phrase "perfectly", always start with the last phrase first.

I used to try to get people to repeat phrases from the start, like:
1. I
2. I love
3. I love old-school ...

But my students pick up phrases much faster if we go from the back to the front:
1. breaks.
2. and breaks
3. old-school beats and breaks.
4. love old-school beats and breaks.
5. etc...

Learned the technique while listening to Pimsleur tapes, and it works wonders in the classroom during those (rare) times when we ask kids to repeat a long phrase.

Wonder if they are related phenomenon...

Posted by: Saleem | Mar 2, 2006 12:12:36 AM

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