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Some quick links...

I'm in serious book deadline mode, so all I have time for are some links in a content-free wrapper. But you'll probably find something here you'll like:

While you're becoming an expert, let Steve Pavlina help you become an early riser. (He has lots of other great stuff as well)

And if you're differently-financed as I am, you might check out the I will teach you to be rich blog. Yes, that blog name is as improbable as mine, but I really like this guy.

Ted Rheingold (that link is to his blog) knows a thing or two about passionate users, both human and non-human. He's the founder of Dogster. (The stats page shows Labs as the number one most popular breed on the site, no big surprise, but I didn't expect to find Chihuahua as number two.)

You've probably all seen this, but just in case: How to be smarter at work, slack off.

Rob Ward sent me this:
"I came across a stellar example of the "educating your users" concept that I thought was quite clever, well-done and not something most people would see as obvious: There's a local (Vancouver, BC) chain of funky clothing stores called "Plenty". Their main target market is twenty-something women. Plenty recently put a competition on their website -- send in your "best pose". The site includes a short course on the various photographer's tricks to make yourself look better in photos. here's the link

Roger Stack's blog has a LOT I'm interested in, and you might be too. I found him because he included a few of my posts, but he has things up there that are much more fun than mine.

If you're at all interested in user-generated media, including audio and video blogging, etc., you probably already know about Eric Rice's blog.

If you're interested in Zen, or how to slow down the always-on-24-7-connected-multi-tasking life you live, you might appreciate Zen is boring. (Thanks to Damien Katz!)

My friend Solveig (with the wonderful Open Office blog) showed me the book Jonny Magic and the Card Shark Kids, and it's a fascinating story. And talk about passionate users... the first year of Magic, they sold $2 million worth. The second year, $57 million. And the story of how it all started is as fascinating as the story of the key people whose lives were transformed by it. Wow. I read some of hers, then placed my order for it today.

I can't remember if I pointed to this earlier, but the Eide Neurolearning Blog has a lot of content that many of you would be interested in, and especially teachers and parents.

Finally, one of the most enthusiastic breath-of-fresh-air women I know--who I finally got to meet in person at SXSW: Force of nature Tara Hunt (anyone interested in post-cluetrain 2.0-ish marketing has probably already seen her).

Now back to work...
I have something fun for tomorrow, though.

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That CNN Money link is just soooo timely - I was just ranting in my (friends-only) livejournal about the lack of free time at work to research better working practices. I do my best to claw back some creative time, taking a power nap during lunch (I turn off the phone & go sleep in my car so no-one can pester me) & getting some meditation in at the gym during my yoga warm-down, but it's pretty impossible really. I think I may take some days off when I know my family won't be able to join me, so I can just jam with Eclipse on my mac at home.

Posted by: Matt Moran | Mar 22, 2006 12:17:28 AM

What about a real estate site? I know it's a boring subject, but someone has to do it: http://www.realestateanswered.com

Posted by: Jon Morrow | Mar 22, 2006 9:38:16 AM

Thanks for the list! For more ideas on "slacking off," see http://facilitatedsystems.com/weblog/2005/04/in-praise-of-lazy-employee.html .

Posted by: Bill Harris | Mar 22, 2006 10:19:40 AM

Plenty? Plenty annoying if you ask me.

First, the site is pure Flash. Ugh....breaks every paradigm of web design and something I find personally annoying, not to mention the bloody on/off again audio track.

Then there is no contest nor photographic posing tips that I could find.

POS if you ask me.

The site has definitely created a "passionate user" out of me, if their goal was to engender passionate feelings of disgust, annoyance and irritation.

Posted by: Andrzej Taramina | Mar 22, 2006 11:26:20 AM

The "Plenty" site changed. Sadly, they have just replaced the competition with some generic Flash ad thing.

Posted by: RobW | Mar 23, 2006 12:09:46 AM

Thanks Kathy! It's an honor to be referenced in CPU. I've been reading your blog for about a year and heve been so happy to know others know it's all about the user/customer. At Dogster & Caster our goal is to amplify our members' passion by providing a rich community experience that reflects their real world pleasures and extends their real world opportunities to share those passions and pleasures.

Your presentation at SxSW was excellent, I really wanted to introduce myself. I started reading your blog I thought it was so great someone was taking the time to discuss how simple, rewarding and important it is to put your customers first.

Recently we've seen Dogster written up as a succesful vertical market, which I know is a compliment, but I have doubts for anyone who thinks like this. Your 'vertical market' will go no where if you aren't thinking about the fact that your 'vertical market' is actually a collection of passionate like-minded people, each of which is a human being that doesn't want to be part of a bucket or a silo or a tail or however else business plans tend to classify them.

It's always so confirming to read your blog and sense we're not on the wrong track.

Posted by: Ted Rheingold | Mar 29, 2006 7:10:11 PM

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