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Link roundup

Here are some things I've stumbled on recently that I like, and you might too:

From new media designer David Seah's wonderful blog, check out the Printable CEO (especially if you're a freelancer/contractor).

From Leisa Reichelt's blog, a user-experience post I believe we should all give some thought to. (I strongly agree with it)

I've spent some time on Tim King's blog, which could be considered mostly a summary of common sense, but then in many ways that's what the passionate users blog is. Sometimes it's all about the reminders.

From Jett Atwood's Coding Horror blog (a favorite of mine), I especially liked the recent Best Practices and Puffer Fish.

I've recently discovered the cogdogblog "Alan Levine's place to bark about instructional technology, web development, etc."

One of my absolute favorite teaching blogs is frequent-commenter Vicki Davis' coolcatteacher. (Another one is Judy Breck's goldenswamp)

I've been talking with John Dodds for quite some time (you've probably come across him at Hugh's gapingvoid), and it's about frickin' time he started a blog. It's Make Marketing History "the views of a marketing deviant", and I'm interested in just about anything he has to say.

Finally (and since we're all about the brain here), who better to give you a psychological profile than Hello Kitty? ; )

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» Hello, Kitty?? from Watermark
From Creating Passionate Users, we have the cutting-edge, high-tech, Hello Kitty Psycho-Analysis: [Read More]

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Kathy - you are my absolute inspiration! You inspire me to do more and be more! When you write a book, I will buy it!

When you mentioned my blog in this post I almost had a fit! I am so honored that you would read and mention my blog!

Thank you so much! I'll keep posting and commenting!

Posted by: Vicki Davis | Apr 24, 2006 8:01:22 AM


are you sure you're not my wife in disguise? Firstly all the stuff on education (my wife teaches literacy to adults) then icelandic horses (my wife has one) and now Hello Kitty (another obsession). If you start posting about poetry and Gerald Manley Hopkins in particular, I'm going to be seriously freaked out!

Posted by: Oliver Lippold | Apr 24, 2006 8:26:12 AM

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