UPDATE: As of May 30, 2007, my original post will no longer be available. It's led to tens of thousands of conversations, but also created a lot of pain for all involved. The main reason I went public with my story was because it was the quickest way to reduce the level of fear I had at the time. I needed to know exactly how afraid I really needed to be -- and for that, I needed a lot more information about who was behind the threatening and harassing comments, posts, and graphics, and this seemed like the best way to provoke people into coming forward, and/or to get their co-authors to 'out' them. This worked, and although it is still not over for me (there is still one person responsible for the *worst* of it, who is still unidentified), I have gotten all the information I could possibly get from having made this post, and at this point, moving forward is my top priority. A lot of people have been hurt by this, especially my family, but also the people I named in my original post. While I still hold them morally and ethically responsible for the parts they played in the two sites--as owners, participants, and promoters--I know they *never* intended for their sites to devolve the way they did. I also know that Frank, Jeneane, and Chris would never have *personally* crossed the line from "mean-spirited criticism" (the original goal of the two sites) to actual threats and harassment. I'm especially grateful to the literally thousands of people who have expressed their support for me. You have no idea how much that has meant.